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M.Pomodoro Rajoy - Summer Code Fest

This project was part of the Summer Code Fest (inspired by the "Summer Game Fest", probably one of the most terrible ideas we ever had as a society), and aimed to practice the basics I couldn't explore in IT Academy's bootcamp. In this case, and after giving Next.js a try by creating a small Spotify Replica, I focused on some of the subjects mattering the most both to me and most of the Spanish citizens:

  1. The difficulty to stay focused during the summer.
  2. The unsettling feeling our 2023 elections were eliciting from us.
  3. The relevant figure of Mariano Rajoy, which wasn't so great whenever politics were involved, but that became essential from a comical standpoint.
  4. The importance of learning and practicing TypeScript (maybe this isn't affecting the entire country, but it still is a crucial matter).

Considering this, I created a customized M. Pomodoro Rajoy Timer greatly inspired by some of our ex-president's most memorable quotes.

Why? Because we all need to find the strength and courage to focus on our goals, wants, and wishes, and I believe that some of his emblematic sentences could fuel our spirit during difficult times. However, I do consider it essential to highlight that the intention of this small app is not based on attacking various ideologies and positions. Far the contrary, I would want this space to bring a smile to the ones struggling with their studies, work, and overall time management.

Showcase image no. 1 for M.Pomodoro Rajoy - Summer Code Fest
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