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A Simple Bookmark Manager

What is a UI library? How about Bootstrap and SASS? Why should I consider using this software system (or toolchain) that comes with a collection of components that could make my life way easier?

Although the first and second questions are completely understandable when we're just starting to dive into this immense area of knowledge, getting in touch with Bootstrap's definition pointing it as one of the most popular CSS frameworks for developing responsive and mobile-first websites should be a reason enough to, at least, give it a try - and that's what we did.

Once we thoroughly studied these new realities, their usage, and advantages, IT Academy proposed a project consisting of replicating A simple bookmark manager.

The entire landing page incorporated:

  1. The main content with its corresponding navbar.
  2. A features section explaining the most remarkable characteristics of this (fictional) tool.
  3. A download section including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera versions of the extension.
  4. A FAQS section that allowed us to incorporate an accordion component.
  5. A footer with a Contact us area that would throw an error whenever the form receives an empty email address or an invalid one.
Showcase image no. 1 for A Simple Bookmark Manager
Showcase image no. 2 for A Simple Bookmark Manager