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Budget Application

Is there something we all want, need, and dream of - but none of us have? Exactly: money. With this sad and yet relatable idea in mind, the following project aimed to offer a humble application allowing hypothetical users to estimate the price of a website, as well as obtain a desirable response according to the options they chose and their different prices.

Independently of the apparent simplicity of the project, it allows for interacting more directly with the client as we are taking into account their choices and preferences, and also providing them with tools for a smoother experience, such as:

  1. a search bar.
  2. buttons sorting their saved lists by date and name.
  3. an individualized deleting system for each list created.
  4. the possibility of clearing all their saved budgets at once.
  5. a pagination system focused on making their saved data more accessible.
  6. the possibility of keeping their budget options saved in the URL.

By combining all of these elements, we delivered if not a great tool (note that this was the creator's second React project, so of course it was not good at all!), at least an intuitive one.

Showcase image no. 1 for Budget Application